My name is Ronna Gill and I’m a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend, a photographer, an artist, a Reiki Master, a spiritual being having a human experience and a breast cancer survivor! I believe in angels and in God and I believe things happen for a reason.


In High School, my Mom gave me my first camera; a used Canon AE1 and the love affair began. I took a photo class in High School, the kind where you learn to wind up a reel of film in the dark and make your first print with exposing light through a pinhole in an oatmeal container. Those were the days of black and white film and where my passion for photography first ignited. Being an artist, I always found it easy to "frame" a subject and after some time I found my vision. 


I attended Murray State University and Majored in Advertising and Minored in Art. Yes, I currently work in the Advertising field and as far as "Art," well my photography satisfies the artistic side of me as well as my hand-made jewelry I design. I continued my study of photography while in college and combined it with my first love, horses. I joined the Equestrian Team and found the freedom of riding a horse in an open field or competing in the arena to be as exhilarating as creating images with my camera. I was fortunate to have a professor who challenged me and because of that I was able to take a series of horse photos that even a seasoned professional like him had not seen before. Several years later I entered one of them and found myself the owner of a genuine 1st place, blue ribbon from the Kentucky State Fair. 


Many years later, married, children, a wonderful husband and enjoyable "day job", I find myself still behind the camera taking images of reflections my mind perceives them to be. I believe that things happen for a reason and that we are here to learn and teach each other. I believe that I have arrived at this moment in my life to take the next step and continue to be challenged and grow and love. I am a recent breast cancer survivor as I was diagnosed on June 21, 2011 and am now able to help inspire others, bring them joy and offer them hope. Please visit my breast cancer website to see my journey; www.thesedontdefineme.com. I am currently creating new hand-made jewelry pieces, which I sell on this site. If you’re interested in having a one of a kind piece made for you, fill out the “contact me” tab or give me a call at (502) 468-5326. I am also open to posting your favorite quote on any of my photos, just let me know. 


I would like to thank my Mother who always told me she was proud of me; my children who remind me the gift of innocence is blessed; my Husband who tells me I’m beautiful every day, even though I may not think so; my friends who have encouraged me for years to take this step and had faith in me long before I believed in myself. And I thank God for allowing me to be part of this wonderful journey called “life” and I hope that my photography and jewelry touches your spirit and inspires you. 


Thank you, for visiting my web site and allowing me to share my vision with you. Please feel free to come back and visit as often as you would like, you never know where my imagination will take me next.


Love & Light,